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Weather was odd tonight. Wind was given as 30035G40KT and this was certainly
noticed by aircraft on the approach with groundspeeds down to 65kts in
twins. What was completely missing was any crosswind component. The above
wind should have produced a 20kt crosswind on 26 but Chris and Craig showed
no drift at all. Odder still that one was using ActiveSky and the other the
IVAO weather.


I'd like to congratulate Fred for his promotion to Senior Commercial
Captain. Well done Fred..


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Caution with the weather, there is a flaw with some systems.  The active 
weather doesn't work on my system even with the latest patch which was 
supposed to overcome this.  Although I don't bother, it was suggested for 
those that have the weather issue they download the latest metar file 
manually and place it in their data folder.  Needless to say, it then 
doesn't refresh.

Personally I use either 'the eye' to check metar or the .wx command in IVAP


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> Well FSC is independant, ie can download IVAO/VATSIM/Weather data on it's 
> own.
> I use FSWide on a secondary machine to run FSC as an FMS/GPS to either FSX

> or FS9.
> Frank F

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