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Groundspeed calculation is easy. The headache is getting accurate wind data
for the route and height you are flying at. It's not really an issue if
bumbling along at 2000ft but if you are up at FL390 and hit a 150kt
Jetstream it's going to throw things way out.


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My journey times entered in IVAO Pireps are always significantly longer 
than those predicted in the FSC flight plan. That can be a nuisance if I 
want to start a flight with the idea of arriving at a specific time; say 
just before I'm expected to join SWMBO in watching a programme I 
"wouldn't want to miss"!

It's been fairly simple to modify the Lotus spreadsheet I put together 
to calculate fuel loads. It now calculates, then adds in, taxi times, 
time climbing to and descending from altitude, plus final approach and 
landing, then adding these to time in the cruise. All of these are at 
different speeds and I'm guessing that the FSC designer has just taken 
total distance and divided by cruise speed.

Even the more realistic stage by stage approach makes no allowance for 
winds. I might be able to build that in but it will probably make my 
head ache; even more.

BTW, does anyone else still use Lotus?

Gerry Winskill

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