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I tried that and confused myself - not difficult! - must have another go.

Frank T.

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I hadn't spotted that, so always have to draw a line, using the measure
feature in the top menu.

Fair play, that gives a bearing as well.

Gerry Winskill

Frank Turley wrote:

If you hover the mouse over the left edge of the map screen a symbol
menu appears, you can use the + and - keys to zoom in and out. As you do
this watch the box down at the LH bottom of the screen, you will see the
range in NM change as you zoom. Useful for judging how far out you are
on approach.

Frank T.

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I have finally dug out the FSC 8.4 update and installed it last night.

The main change, was the moving map, was just that, a moving map, the
aircraft icon stays in the middle of the screen

Took a couple of test flight to see how it worked, and it was not too
the only fly in the ointment, was that I could not look ahead as far as I
could before, without zooming out, I now only have half the screen
from the aircraft position. Mind you, the feature can be turned on and
(Bones, that is why I had trouble finding the IOM VOR, it was offscreen,
should have put it into the FP)

There are some other changes, mainly cosmetic.

FSC works across the LAN via WideFS, but I need to be able to update the
database, this can only be done by FSC directly accessing the sim,
I am having troublesorting out. In fact, I have as yet to be able to get
IVAO working across the LAN. Likewise SB4, and FSInn does not like
Vista 64.

As far as Simmconnect goes, that definatly will not work, dispite loading
the latest version on each machine, after that it gets complicated. I
that the problem is Vista 64 and WinXP are not in total agreement.. I
got networking working, but that is it.

I am afraid RTFM does not seem to get through to me.

I will have another go but will be calling on the expertise of those who
have been sucesseful.

Frank F


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