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Default FS runways - the age old problem. A quick recap..

For active runways with a published IAP (VOR, NDB or ILS) Microsoft used
accurate Jepp data to position the runways. For non IAP runways they guessed
the placement - and just got lazy because many of the minor runways were
simply placed to intercept the main runway at the mid point.

In FS2002 I found a hack that could relocate the minor runways and I shifted
every single one to their correct location. As this was a hack into an MS
BGL I didn't distribute it widely - just on my web site.

Unfortunately the code in FS2004 changed and I didn't find a way to move the
runways. To some extent this was no longer necessary though because there
were alternative options. For a start the runways were a lot better and most
were in the right place. For those still with incorrect locations you could
now use AFCAD to drag the runway to the correct position.

My obvious question is whether it is the MS runway or Gary's which is in the
wrong place.


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While tootling about in FS9 just now, testing various bits and pieces, I
was approaching Bruntingthorpe (EGOD) when I realised that there is a
mismatch between the default runway alignment and that of Gary Summons'
UK2000 scenery - the latter being some tens of metres north.  I don't
remember this problem from FS2002 (I'm off to double-check this in a
moment).  Is there a fix for this?  I vaguely remember Bones releasing
some alignment corrections for FS2002 that resolved this sort of issue.

Mike L

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