[jhb_airlines] Re: FS9 Menu Problem

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  • Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 17:41:36 +0100

Country titles are set in AFCAD so I'm wondering if you have some Dutch
AFCAD files buried away in your system somewhere. The AFCAD's with NL2000
are in the NL folder structure
(NL2000_v2_9/feature_panel/afcad/AFCADFS2NL29) but it is possible they have
been copied elsewhere in FS. The AFCAD installer and remover EXE files are
also in the above folder.

Picking one at random (for EHMZ) shows:

NameList( 409 )
    NameEntry( REGION  0 "Europe" )
    NameEntry( COUNTRY 0 "Netherlands, The" )
    NameEntry( CITY    0 "Middelburg" )
    NameEntry( AIRPORT 1 "Midden-Zeeland" )


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> Having deleted NL2000 from FS9, via the library menu, that 
> still left it listed in 
> Scenery_old.cfg, or whatever it's called. I went through the 
> other varieties of 
> Scenery.cfg, wherever they resided, to find it was still 
> present. I deleted the NL2000 
> entries, wherever I found them.
>  When I now run FS9 and go to World   Goto Airports, "the 
> Netherlands" still appears in 
> that menu and prevents any fields for all countries beneath 
> it from appearing. If,eg, I go 
> to the next country,Timor, the 4 fields from The Netherlands 
> are still listed. Go back to 
> Thailand, or anything alphabetically higher, and all is well. 
> I've changed FS9.cfg's 
> [FACILLITIES] from Country=the Netherlands, presumably set by 
> NL2000's  Autoinstal, 
> to Country=United Kingdom. When I go to the Airfields Menu, 
> it opens with United 
> Kingdom in the slot. Unfortunately the cities displayed total 15,470 !
> So, to get to your question, it's FS9 that still picks up the 
> reference to "the Netherlands". 
> Higher up in the list is "Netherlands the", the correct, 
> Default entry, which works OK. FSNav isn't a factor, so far 
> as I can see. I've posted a question to the Netherlands 2000 
> Forum. I'm not too optimistic; mine 
> seems to be the only topic not in Dutch!
> Gerry Winskill
> gwinsk@xxxxxxx

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