[jhb_airlines] FS9 Menu Problem

  • From: gwinsk@xxxxxxx
  • To: ukscenery@xxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 29 Sep 2004 08:11:24 +0100

Looking further for reasons why the World Goto Airports menu won't display 
United Kingdom airfields is informative, if not helpful. The problem isn't 
confined to the 
UK. It applies to anything below the entry for   The Netherlands. Go up one, to 
and it worls. Got to Timor, or anything lower, and Zilch. Even the normally 
United States doesn't work.
The entry for The Netherlands produces only an offering of 3 Cities, though 
four display: 
Heligoland, Rigg 1, Rigg 2, Rigg 3.
 Meanwhile, there was no reference to NL2000 in the Addon Scenery Goto option.

The NL 2000 Manual says the Instal option offers an Uninstal pick. Not on mine 
doesn't. I've followed the steps laid down for a manual uninstal. Menu problem 
with same options for The Netherlands.

 The Control Panel didn't display the programme as present, before I 
uninstalled it but 
it's effects seem to linger on. Presumably it's left other referrences in the 
system. Off to 
do a RegClean.
Anyone any ideas where FS keeps details of the sceneries it looks for?

Gerry Winskill


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