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  • Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2004 20:03:50 -0000

Beat me to it. I finally got through to see the same thing..

"Dear users - due to the extremely high and unexpected demand of the =
released texture set by Lennart Arvidsson, we have been forced to pull =
package offline for a short period of time.

Our server's network connection was overloaded due to the very high =
of this add-on package. On peak times we saw over one thousand download
request for the files at the same time (!) and this simply glogged the =
network connection.

We apologize for this, and try to return the files for download as soon =


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There is a note on the site saying that it been temporarily withdrawn,=20
due to the server being swamped by download requests.


Bones wrote:

> Those of you who remember the excellent Northern Europe texture set by =

> Lennart Ardvidsson for FS2002 will be pleased to know that his long =
> awaited set for FS2004 is now available from the Nordic web site. =3D
> www.fsnordic.net
> I can't access the site at the moment so I assume it is clogged with=20
> viewers.=3D20
> The good news is that the FS2004 textures cover all four seasons=20
> rather =3D than just summer textures as with FS2002. That is going to=20
> make the set a =3D huge
> download - but AVSIM say that the seasons are divided into separate =
> zips..
> HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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