[jhb_airlines] Re: FS2004 pan view problem

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  • Date: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 19:39:02 +0100

I was only guessing when I wrote that but I think Frank is right with the
FS9.cfg file line.

However, if you do have PAN_IN_COCKPIT_MODE=1 set then this would be a
universal setting for all aircraft.

I might turn mine off now as I don't really need it any more - the TrackIR
Pro is so good that I'm mostly operating in VC mode since installing
it.(shock, horror) It just makes life so much easier.


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There may indeed be a misunderstanding, John, but it's probably my
inadequate description of the problem!

Using the RealAir C172 in FS2004, 2D mode, I tried using the hat switch
to snatch a glance to left and right - as is my practice with FS2002.
Instead of getting a quick view through the side windows, no instrument
panel, which reverts to normal forward view with instruments when I
released the hat switch, the whole 'windshield' 2D view complete with
instruments 'scrolled' to the side - so that I ended up seeing lateral
scenery as if through the windshield.  This view sticks when I release
the hat switch, and I either have to scroll back to the proper position
for forward view or try to remember what the keyboard command is to
achieve this.  Now whether I should start tinkering with the FS9
panel.cfg for the RealAir C172 is debatable ...

Mike L

Bones wrote:
> A possible misunderstanding here which may be my fault.
> If I use the numpad keys to look left/right etc then I get a full
> screen showing the view in that direction (no panel is visible). If I
> use my hat switch to pan the front view then the panel never moves -
> only the outside view.
> bones
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> Is that true?  I just checked the default Cessna panel.cfg and it just
> has
> [Default View]
> X=0
> Y=0
> SIZE_X=8192
> SIZE_Y=2500
> [Views]
> VIEW_FORWARD_DIR= 3.0, 0.0, 0.0
> Which refer to the 2D panel
> Perhaps if you /delete/ any other reference to side views it works as
> intended?
> Peter

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