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  • Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2006 09:00:20 +0100

Yes Andy. Going via the PCWorld home site got me to the DeLuxe version.
Is DeLuxe the same as pro and are there two or three versions. I'd hate to preorder the wrong one.
Please note how short lived was my earlier cynicism.

PS: Whilst looking for the FSX release site I stumbled across a Visual Flight Forum discussion on The Blurries. It seems it's more widespread than I'd feared and unlikely to be machine related. Worth a visit if you suffer from them.

Gerry Winskill

Andrew Berry wrote:

Did you copy the full link? I think my email editor 'word wrapped' it and
missed off the last 4 numbers...


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Just tried to follow Andy's route to the full version but it looks as though the page has been pulled.
Also up early.

Gerry winskill

Tom Smith wrote:

is the pro the top version I thought I had read there was going to be three?
tom smith
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Yeah sorry I should of given more details... I'm surprised they're going
back to the Standard v Pro options, suppose they're just after more money
from people...

Hadn't noticed the different date's though, that's a bit odd really!

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You'll have to navigate down through "Software and Gaming" "PC & Video
Gaming" then from the PC tab select "PC Simulation"

FSX is 34.99 inc VAT
FSX Pro 44.99 inc VAT (on page 2)

Interestingly PCWorld have FSX Standard slated or a 6th October release with
FSX Pro on 13th.


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From where?

Gerry Winskill

Andrew Berry wrote:

Just so you know, FS X is pre-orderable (is that even a word?) via
pcworld - big discounts as well for pre ordering it...


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