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Very encouraging, I had heard rumors that others were sniffing around our software.... however How do we make sure we are in the best possible position to receive it is the question?

Any ideas on tactics? Form?


Paul wrote:
As you are aware, and have hinted at on this froum, there are on-going discussions between Stefan and Ralph and third parties.  John Hill Peter B and I were on with Stefan and Ralph earlier and he expanded upon their ideas.  I have been asked not to go into specific detail with others but I believe both Alan Sutherland and yourself have been made aware of their ideas.  In my discussions with Stefan, both by PM and voice, I have asked that the software not be allowed to fall by the wayside.  In this respect Stefan has stated that VATSim had asked for the ICP client but he has turned them down.  He would also not pass on the software to IVAO either.  Should the planned venture not come to fruition, then Stefan has said he would like the software to be in use on a small, friendly community based network rather than the "numbers are everything" networks such as VATSim or IVAO if one can be established.  The gist of this is that if something can be set up, I think stefan would be happy to release the software for use.  I'm sure he would want safeguards against it being passed on but I'm sure that can be managed.
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Yes..... Those kinds of comments from Ralph always worry me!

The problem being is that FPI still has the money, it doesn't, however, have the know-how any longer.

Ralph, dare I say it, is pretty damn good at running servers and knows the FPI structure like no other server admin knows their servers. Should he decide to do a go slow or not get involved in this newest incarnation then I worry that it won't go far at all.

Now, I have managed to get a modified version of the FSD server from a friend, however, it is based around the "Gentoo" Linux distro which has to go through "portage" and then be "emerged"...... excellent!
Currently trying to load Gentoo onto my server, however I don't have a dedicated IP here anymore. I have just filled in the "request" form from my ISP and it takes about 20 days for one to be allocated. Anyone got a server that we could have a play with in that time?

Hopefully when FPI(v.2) comes out of the woodwork we will be able to offer my server to them to use as a voice and traffic mirror in the UK. Get the software on it and then do as we wish with it.

Anyway, whatever happens, I'm sure we can get some sort of little community out of it. As long as there are enough of us willing!


Bones wrote:
The only worrying comment from Ralph was when Paul asked if the sentence in the forum post about future plans could be elaborated on - to which he said "Don't hold your breath".
Alan and Andy are now added to this list and should receive this post. I'm more than happy to host discussion about future online ideas for now - at least it ensures we all stay in touch. Should anything evolve from our group then, obviously, it would develop it's own web site and forum with interested JHB members subscribing to that.
Peter was in the final stages of creating a Dutch set of pages for FPI so he was rather upset at the news. For now I've suggested he hang on to them as they may still be useful.
In the short term we may have access to FPI possibly until Wednesday on the server. After that we enter a period of uncertainty with no firm ATC service except for those that may wish to explore VATSIM/IVAO - or revert to basic MP sessions on Rory's server. We can't really talk about firm plans for the future until FPI confirm what their intentions are.
I used to run my own JHB sessions using an FSD server with Pro Controller and pilots on SB2. This no longer works but may something will arrive that may tap into SB3 and ASRC/AVC. Of the latter I prefer AVC but it's a heavily US based display. The FPI radar was more like what I am used to in real life.

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