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A pity as it was quite a pleasant evening. Not too busy but nicely relaxing.

Steve logged in late into the session but flying had mostly finished by 2200
so he was redundant. John had some "foreign" traffic at EGPD but I wasn't so
lucky at Belfast - a pity as I thought we had started to attract some
visitors in recent weeks. Maybe they only like sunnier climates <g>..

I remember a pair of Constellations flying into Liverpool in 1969. They
stopped the airport as everyone was outside watching them come in. Lovely
sight. http://www.homepages.mcb.net/bones/WebPix/FBGNG%20L1049.jpg


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Sorry about the abrupt exit earlier, I had an issue to deal with at work and
had to log on remotely to sort things out. A shame really as I'd got the
return leg all planned out as well. It was a pleasure to see Alastair in a
Connie taxi past me at Aberdeen, I couldn't help but put down my checklist
and admire the view!

Until next week.....


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