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We talked about the evening for quite some time on the ATC chat channel
after most pilots had landed. Our view was that it seemed a good evening for
ATC and we guessed it was good for the pilots too - but we really needed
your feedback.

From the positive comments I can confirm that it won't be a one off. FPI is
dreadfully under utilised right now and even though we have a reasonable UK
ATC presence it isn't a good thing to limit our coverage to this area every
week. ATC cover in Germany isn't bad and Netherlands is sometimes active but
the rest of Europe is rather sadly empty. We will therefore look at some
nice European locations and temporarily relocate the UK staff to a specific
area for an evening. It should provide more interesting flying for
yourselves and hopefully pull in a few of the other pilots in FPI - as it
seemed to yesterday.

Next week will be similar but I can't tell you the destinations as yet
except for one - Malta. <g>

Dave has already noted that it can be harder obtaining charts and
information for non UK airfields. Luckily, FSNav fills the gap to some
extent but I'm sure we'll stay away from difficult airfields unless good
data is available. Chambery and Innsbruck would be good challenges though..


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Hi John

I also thought that it was a very good evening, certainly made a change
to have a change of scenery (and weather).

The only problem, for me, was that I was unable to get the link (for
charts), to work. Did anyone else have this problem?

As a result I was totally dependent on FSNav for airfield information,
however, FSNav seemed up to the task.

Is this going to be a regular feature, or was it just a 'one off'?



Bones wrote:
> I'd like to ask how everyone felt about tonight's Greek flavoured
> session. On the controller's side it was extremely good and we enjoyed
> it greatly - but did the change of location have the same appeal to
> pilots?
> The nice thing about the evening was that it attracted other pilots to
> the event - a Virgin Express, an Iberia, several Eurofly pilots and
> even a Luxembourg Lear Jet. This nice mix made me feel that JHB wasn't
> flying in solitary confinement yet again..
> As the UK winter draws in would pilots like it if the UK controllers
> up sticks now and then and relocate to more interesting locations?
> bones
> bones@xxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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