[jhb_airlines] Re: FPI tonight

  • From: Mike Lucas <mhlucas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 03 Nov 2005 09:18:05 +0000

I found it enjoyable to have a change from the UK - although of course it is up to me to try other areas of the world (and even use one of the other systems instead of FPI if necessary) and not simply rely on our regular controllers to deliver it for me <g>.

And it would have been even better if I had been singing from the same hymn sheet as everyone else and used LGAV instead of LGAT - I'll blame FS2002 for that. I hadn't realised before getting everything fired up that FS2002 was released before LGAV was built (or, at least, in use). I was not a little put out when I asked FSNav to find LGAV and it drew a blank. The choice was either to go off and find and install a third-party add-on for LGAV or hope that a flight into LGAT wouldn't prompt ATC to throw their toys out of the pram. Fortunately traffic at Athhens was such that Anthony at Athens Approach just got me to follow a standard procedure approach, following which I executed what I reckon is my best ever landing .... and nobody there to admire it. The irony was that I was one of the first passengers to use the real LGAV when it opened ...

Although the weather was uncannily gentle after recent excursions during our UK sessions (SWMBO commented on my sunglasses <g>), I found it initially a little bit difficult to get established for LGIR - I fear I may have detected some use of the paper bags provided in the main cabin. So what should have been a generous final from LGIR_APP turned out to be only around 5 nm before I got my act together to achieve a creditable landing. Unfortunately, such are the differences between FS2002 and 2004 that I appeared to John to be parking in a field behind the main terminal - presumably the controllers' screen corresponds to FS2004.

But - these little local difficulties aside - yes, I for one would welcome the occasional exotic location.

Mike L

Bones wrote:
I'd like to ask how everyone felt about tonight's Greek flavoured session.
On the controller's side it was extremely good and we enjoyed it greatly -
but did the change of location have the same appeal to pilots?

The nice thing about the evening was that it attracted other pilots to the
event - a Virgin Express, an Iberia, several Eurofly pilots and even a
Luxembourg Lear Jet. This nice mix made me feel that JHB wasn't flying in
solitary confinement yet again..

As the UK winter draws in would pilots like it if the UK controllers up
sticks now and then and relocate to more interesting locations?


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