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American farmers?

The Champion is still very popular even after all these years. In its final
form as the Super Decathlon it is fully aerobatic - G-IGLZ is such and also
based at EGNS. There are still about 44 on the UK register.


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Belated apologies for unexpected absence. I'd just seated myself
comfortably before the kit, complete with glass of sustaining liquid,
when SWMBO returned unexpectedly, choir practice having been cancelled.
Since I'm going to spend all of today sitting watching the S100 bikes,
on Castletown Bypass, a strategic retreat seemed sensible. Speaking of
yewwow, we were walking at Langness, last week, with what
looked like a yellow Cub doing circuits, at Ronaldsway. Back home, I
looked up the reg on the CAA site. Turns out to be a two year old
Aeronca Champion, belonging to a chap in Balasalla. Why would anyone pay
around £60K for a new version of a 1930's tandem design tail dragger,
suited to farm strips. It's based at Ronaldsway and, so far as I know,
we don't have any farm strips over here.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>Compared with the last few weeks it was a definite improvement. Nice
>too that most pilots encountered conflicting traffic or saw other
>traffic during the session.
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>A good turnout tonite, best for  a long time (5 controllers and 7
>pilots). The last one coming from Germany to land at 23.00. The more
>the merrier. Frank

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