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  • Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 19:41:16 +0100

I have had a good reply back from Alex regarding the recent Aussie
situation. It's the usual affair in that rules got written in German and
badly translated into English, and then got lost in the FPI web page revamp.

Alex's reply is well worth reading as it has much more serious implications
in IVAO or VATSIM. Please read on.


You can not imagine the uproar this situation has caused between the Rep's
and the providers.

The short of it is that the Rules and Regs relating to this were removed
some time ago (nobody can remember when and, more worryingly, nobody had
noticed) because the providers felt the, well out of date, general R&R
document covered everything in enough detail. It looks like this problem
could have arisen from the fact that the writer of the document is a non
native English speaker, and none of the document review team speak English
as a first language.

The event in question was, from the statements I have read, of 45 minutes
duration where an Australian pilot (with real world qualifications) declared
a Hijack situation (and squawked 7500) when his wife was moaning at him to
get off the PC.

The transponder was left squawking "Hijack" for the full duration and both
the pilot and ATC acted as if it were a Hijack scenario.

There are old FPI regulation documents and forum postings where it has been
explicitly said that any use of 7500 is prohibited and accompanied by a
lifetime ban, the document also states that any ATC station witness to the
situation must report the flight immediately to the provider group and their
country representative or face a similar ban.  - however this documentation
is available nowhere on the FPI website and as such we can't expect our
members to remember the minutiae of it.

Indeed as an aside I have been informed since that 2 other, perhaps larger,
well known online networks operate instant kick and ban scripts if 7500 is
declared. As soon as the code is entered you are given 60 seconds to remove
it or you are kicked from the server. As soon as you are kicked the script
disables all your accounts and sends off a copy of the logs to the
appropriate staff, something which FPI has discussed implementing but has
not been deemed to be appropriate.

The current R&R's state that any "Acts of aggression" will be punished with
immediate lifetime bans. I believe, as do the providers, that there can be
no such thing as a peaceful hijack and I would agree that using such a
situation in any scenario could never be described as anything other than
"aggressive" and thus I would support the ban if we had the documentation
made available to all members.

However as we do not have this I am unsure as to the procedural grounds on
which the user was expelled.

In regard to general emergency situations please continue to practice all
emergencies as you like, there are no in flight problem's that are barred,
the only 2 things that ARE is war games (such as bomb runs/intercepts) and

In flight emergencies are good practice for all pilots, and for controllers
too and should be encouraged more - You have my personal assurance as UK
Representative that I will not allow anybody to be reprimanded, barred or
even frowned at for practicing any peaceful activities on our network -
including simulating emergency situations.

The good news is that the documents are now all being re-written, the reps
will be consulted on them and hopefully they should cover most eventualities
and be clearly written - these will be available soon."

Alex is right in that without the rules being available to us all then FPI
are on slightly sticky grounds for taking the action they have - but this is
for them to sort out with the party concerned. Personally I would have just
given a yellow card and accepted that part of the fault lay with the
provider but maybe there are greater pressures being brought on the
providers that we don't know about.

The good news is that other emergencies are still permitted and Alex has
confirmed that if you want to throw in a nasty for ATC then this is quite
acceptable. If you do remember my original post in that the emergency need
not always be catastrophic - they can range from mild, such as navaid
failures or gear not retracting, to more increasing problems like engine
failure, jammed controls or flap failure. To be fair to the controller it is
best if you fly the aircraft in a manner that will simulate the emergency
declared - maybe even dial in a random failure in FS itself to see if you
can cope with a sudden emergency, identify it and react accordingly. <vbg>


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