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No I don't Mike - I am still in the dark ages when it comes to LAN systems
and routers.


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I have run across IP address problems when my router decides to
reallocate addresses to my LAN, which happens periodically but
unpredictably (wired router seems less prone to do this than a wireless
one).  I don't know if you run a LAN or not but, in any case, it might
be worth checking that the IP addresses in the various ATOC ini files
correspond to your PC(s).

Mike L

Bones wrote:
> When the session on Wednesday was drawing to a close I shut down
> BIRD_CTR and tried to log into the session in FS2004 to watch the last
> two landing aircraft at BIAR.
> FS loaded OK and I positioned to BIAR and hit the ATOC button. All I
> got was a popup box saying something about IP Addresses not being
> found with an option to Ignore, Reload or Cancel. Choosing any of
> these resulted in an hourglass appearing and I couldn't get any
> further - I had to use Task Manager to shut down FS.
> Anyone else come across this problem? Is there a cure which doesn't
> involve reinstalling the software? <g>
> bones
> bones@xxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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