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A pity you weren't here in the very early days when JHB was first started.

We began as the JHB (Johannesburg) hub of Noble Air and were based at FAJS.
Although the jet assignments were to the bigger airfields at FACT, FAEL,
FADN, FAUP etc etc the huge number of bush strips meant a lot of exploring
for the VFR pilots. Needless to say, the majority of pilots came from RSA
but we also had a few UK crews. Willie van Niekerk is  the last of my RSA

I probably have the original list stuck away somewhere but can still recall
a few airfield names which, for some reason or other, remain stuck in my
memory. Maybe a couple of the pilots here will recall them too. They include
FABE Bisho, FABX Beatrix Mine, FALB Ladybrand, FATT Tutuka Power Station,
FAWM Welkom, FARB Richard's Bay, FAMG Margate, FACN Carnarvon and FAES

Good days..


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Sounds like fun.
I have FS global, so high terrain will not bother me, Would love a trip
around Cape Town, I have the full set of scenery loaded, it almost looks
as good as I know it
Will have to remember all the points of interest.

Bones wrote:

>Before we joined FPI some of my older and wiser pilots will recall the
>ATC sessions I ran using the FSD server on my PC. These were confined
>to JHB but were good fun and I think I can say that they cut the teeth
>of a good few of us before stepping up to a full ATC online service.
>One of the benefits of this was that I could select anywhere in the
>world for our sessions and, for a change of scenery, I did this on a
>number of evenings. It was fun to get away from the UK and hop around
>the Hawaiian islands, Cape Town or wherever.
>We may be doing the same on FPI next week. In a chat with Dave and John
>at the end of the session on Wednesday the idea cropped up and so we
>may try it out. The location will be the sunny Med but I can't confirm
>which airports Dave will choose for the evening. A few were bandied
>about - Malta, Heraklion, Tunis, Brindisi, Dalaman, Athens etc but Dave
>will do some homework on distances before making a final decision.
>The selected airports should be ILS equipped (I hope) and free of
>STAR's/SID's so you won't have any need to lookup airfield procedures
>(unless you want to). It should be a nice, simple and pleasant evening
>with no complex flight planning and ATC to radar vector you to each
>destination. About the only task I would suggest you do is check local
>terrain when Dave publishes the destinations to make sure your route
>doesn't take you into high ground. Places like Heraklion have some
>lumpy bits very close to the airport.
>Should be very good fun..

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