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FPI is simple to use but the underlying software is complex.

I've been trying to understand why Tom can't see other aircraft and a
couple of bits from the Technical Manual may help - they mention a
couple of things I'd not realised before too..

Here are the bits that may help:

5. Multiplayer Connection (visibilty of other aircraft)
a) to insure the visibilty of other MP aircraft ATOC uses port 15400 UDP

b) there is a maximum number of 13 MP aircraft visible within the own
range (limited by FS)

c) you=B4ll always see the type of aircraft of the other multiplayer =
is filed in the flight plan. Is that type of aircraft not installed on
the local machine you=B4ll always discover that ATOC uses a standard =
as MP aircraft.

Settings for MP-usage:
a) if another aircraft within your range ( 40 nm) ATOC uses a P2P
(peer-to-peer) connection to this one, this guarantes a fast position
(specific IP comes from the server)

b) to insure that all data packages from the opponent MP aircraft reach
your own machine=20
Port 15400 UDP must be linked directly to the machine, on which ATOC is
installed (IP).
It is not enough to open only this specific port.

c) Therefore it is maybe neccessary to make some special setup within
your router interface which could make some troubles on different router
brands. In special cases some more detailed
techniical knowledge is necessary.

We advice you to refer to your router manual or contact our FPI-Forum,
at ATOC - Router
If you router is not yet in the forum, and you have troubles setting in
up create a new topic in the Router forum with the following titel:
Request - <Router name/type>

( MP / some other tricky hints)
ATOC has been created for Standard LAN conditions.
Check your LAN settings..
A LAN with dynamic IP=B4s (DHCP) could produce malfunctions.
For instance, the forwarding to Port 15400 can be interrupted because of
the new IP=B4s after a new boot of your PC.
There can also occur the problems with MP while using DHCP that FS is
trying to contact all
machines simultanouesly. This can results in some delay each 2-3

Because of that!!:
Always use static IP=B4s on your local machine.
e.g., etc ..
Also use this specific IP (where ATOC is installed) within ATOC Setup
under Flight Simulator

That lot doesn't mean a lot to me but it may help some of you..


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> > > I did this flight with FPI, and guess what - I was able to file
> > > a flight plan - all the ATOC aircraft were there, available. =20
> I found myself the victim of FPI's "missing aircraft"=20
> syndrome last night when I went to file my flight plan.  This=20
> caused total consternation since I have been really quite=20
> chuffed (some of you might say 'smug') about the reliabilty=20
> of my LAN ATOC/FPI setup (apart from a recent ILS lockup=20
> which I blame on the FPI server).  After the red mist and=20
> cold sweat had cleared, it occurred to me that I had booted=20
> my FS PC (where the FPI aircraft live) AFTER I had booted my=20
> laptop (where the ATOC client lives).  Even though I was able=20
> to start my ATOC remote session OK (ie the laptop found the=20
> FS PC on the LAN), the necessary drive mapping hadn't been=20
> established .... so no aircraft found.  I don't know if this=20
> explanation is likely to be of any help to others who have=20
> "lost", or cannot find, FPI aircraft which they know they=20
> have installed.
> Note to self: switch on brain before PCs.
> Mike
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