[jhb_airlines] Re: FPI last night

  • From: "Mike Lucas" <mhlucas@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 10:00:43 +0100

A belated reaction to last night's session which, after some infuriating 
initial problems, settled down into a good evening.  No lock-up halfway 
down the ILS this week.

I was all set to start at 19.30, got FS running with ATOC session on 
PC1, FSMeteo and the ATOC remote session on PC2, created flight 
plan.  Then when I hit the Server button - FS decided to dial home.  
This happened again before everything came together at the third 
attempt.  At the same time I was finding that the control surfaces were 
not responding to joystick input, so I tried a couple of FS restarts to 
cure this before discovering that FS has, since my previous flight 24 
hours earlier, decided to default to joystick disabled - goodness only 
knows why.  This followed on the loss of the Cycle Views function (W 
key).  I ended up resetting all key & button Assignments to default, 
then reconfigured back to where I like to have them.  By this time it is 

After all that, things were pretty much plain sailing .. sorry, flying (all 
that rain, y'know).  Established contact with EGCC_APP no problem 
just short of TNT (BoD, coming in from EGHH) and, apart from a 
couple of (realistic) late descent instructions from our busy approach 
controller, the final approach and handoff to TWR went smoothly.

Things became a bit jerky once on the apron at EGCC - presumably a 
combination of scenery complexity and server load.  I admit to being 
one of the UK2000 scenery users, with static aircraft cluttering several 
of the stands which Brian was trying to allocate.  I hadn't realised that 
Gary's scenery is significantly displaced from the default until watching 
Alastair taxi to 24L for takeoff ... through the undergrowth.  Brian 
instructed the novice Eastern pilot to taxy behind me, and he must 
have been rather confused by the discrepancy between Alastair and 

Onward departure to EGNS was smooth (after Brian got us all to sit 
still and behave for 5 minutes), as was handoff to EGCC_APP.  Only 
half way across the Irish Sea did I discover that EGNS was fogbound, 
and that return to EGGP was compromised by thunderstorms.  Since I 
was running out of time (SWMBO's expression ruled out a longer 
diversion), I decided to go for the ILS at EGNS.  Bones has posted 
elsewhere on minima (and I am expecting a call from the CAA shortly), 
but I reckon I was at the extreme limit (250') when I picked up the 
approach lighting and got down safely.

All in all, a most enjoyable evening.  Thanks to John and Brian.


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