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Kai Tak is always a challenge - and feasible if users still have the old
scenery on their systems. The only headache is for the controller as Kai Tak
is not shown on the FPI radar screen.

This isn't a problem really as a few minutes looking at the plate gives you
a rough idea of the IGS approach. All you really need to do is vector the
aircraft to CH at 8000ft and then let the pilots fly the procedure.

There's Macau nearby if two controllers could plug in but it really isn't
essential. All it needs is a Kai Tak controller and give the pilots a free
choice as to their departure airfield. If everyone could arrange to arrive
about the same time it would be quite good fun.


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As you say, a bit of a disappointing night (to say the least).

Advance information from FPI would have made all the difference.

What is the point of having a nice website/forums if it they are not
being used to communicate meaningful information.

I hope that the voice situation can be sorted out for the next session.

Speaking of that, for this coming Wednesday, just a suggestion.

How about a return to Hong Kong (Kai Tak!). The number of airports to be
opened, dependant on the number of available controllers.



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