[jhb_airlines] Re: FPI last night

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  • Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 05:18:28 +0100

My own solution is to split the channels into each ear. In ATC we get
radio in the left earpiece and intercom in the right. Takes a while to
get used to but you can eventually learn to ignore one channel if you
are active on the other.


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> can't  tell the difference between the two in my headset, so if 
> I receive "chat"  directed to me, (as I may have done when John 
> asked me to disconnect and  reconnect - (was that ATC or chat, 
> John?) I always assume it is ATC and  reply formally.  I think I 
> will keep chat permanently disabled.   I don't use it, and as you 
> say, it can be a  distraction.
> Peter,
> If you keep the VOX display on, you will see e.g. ATC users 
> in the top  
> section and "chat" users below; as each voice comes over the 
> speaker you  can see 
> the appropriate microphone being highlighted. Helps with 
> voice  recognition. 
> Chat is useful when FPI is not busy, Tony Pick got me started 
>  on ATOC via 
> e-mail, to enable the chat box, and then used chat to guide 
> me  through all the 
> ATOC screens. Very helpful for a beginner.
> Frank T.

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