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  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 07:24:54 +0100

Well, another bright idea bites the dust!
Disabling VFRGM has no effect on the night spot view. The selective Zoom point 
problem remains.

If I move the ATOC window to my primary screen, then I can read the charts. 
wouldn't have helped. Although it shows 24L, it shows no taxiway links to the 
Back to the drawing board.

Gerry Winskill

On 11 Aug 2004 at 6:32, gwinsk@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Perhaps I benefitted from being on the session from early on, last
> evening. I had no problems until trying to change to the Tower
> frequency. Manually inputting the necessary info didn't work but, with
> only a couple of miles to go, a ping announced the arrival, in the ATC
> slot, of the Tower frequency. The changeover was then immediate, which
> is where I hit the first problem. I was using the UK2000 scenery and
> flying the Brian Stone B1900D. This is one of the turboprops in which,
> perhaps like real life, taxi speed control is very difficult. With the
> throttles closed, it will rush up to 40 kts. This can be prevented
> only by hitting the F1 ket, or assigned Yoke button. This stops it, in
> short time. Combine the concentration this demands, with the many
> evening green taxiways and the basis for a nightmare exists. In most
> cases switching in the overhead view helps. Not at Manchester, where,
> at all but one Zoom setting, the photographic background prevails, in
> this view. Manchester may be a case of the "VFR Compatible"
> description being better read as "incompatibillity disguised"!
>  My guess is that the controller has a chart on screen. At the pilots'
>  end, whether the 
> chart obtainable via ATOC is visible, is down to monitor / graphics
> card / driver combination. It's therefore very difficult to follow
> instructions on taxiway routing. Whilst on the ground, I noticed the
> differing paths taken, as a/c landed and taxied. Like you, I can't see
> a way round this scenery variation problem.
>  Back to taxiing; I'll look to see if top view is improved, at night,
>  by disabling the VFRGM 
> scenery. That's easy enough to do if running in FS2002. It's not if
> using FS9.
>  I'm not sure why we needed to face SW, after pushback, but that left
>  me looking into a 
> taxiway free zone. On attempting to leave for IOM, the first problem
> was that Flightplans weren't getting through. The next was that the
> taxiing problem was magnified by the use of 24L, for some departures.
> In my case I lost the plot and finished up en route to 24R hold. At
> that point I decided that the easiest way of not causing a blockage
> was to exit MP. One of the factors in this decision was the risk that
> I might get in the way of the Portugeses Easten pilot. My hat off to
> the chap, for patience above and beyond the call of duty. He must have
> been hanging around for the best part of 45 mins, waiting for
> clearance. I took a look at his Infoserve Plan, in which he'd noted he
> was a novice and didn't know how to fill in the details. I drew this
> to Brian's attention but, though his voice didn't reveal it, he must
> have been becoming quite stressed, by that time.
> If two controllers are available, then manning the two frequencies
> enhances realism. Last night showed up problems but, in my opinion,
> it's worth persevering. 
> Gerry Winskill
> gwinsk@xxxxxxx
> On 11 Aug 2004 at 2:37, Bones wrote:
> > Last night's session seemed to go reasonably well for most pilots
> > but it was headache for a few. What I would like to know is the
> > problems anyone got into so we can sort them out.
> > 
> > So far I have identified the following problems:
> > 
> > 1. Some aircraft did not appear on the radar screen
> > 2. Some aircraft could not be locked with an ATC service (I won't
> > explain this yet) 3. Some aircraft could not be handed over
> > correctly (linked with above) 4. Some aircraft landed on the wrong
> > runway (actually you didn't but see below) 5. Frequency changing
> > didn't work well.
> > 
> > Any other for the list?
> > 
> > I suspect that one of the major problems last night was that the FPI
> > servers may not have all been talking to one another. When I asked
> > Peter to turn off the Server button for a few seconds and reconnect
> > his data came through fine. However this trick didn't work for Mike
> > and although I could see G-CART on the radar screen Brian saw
> > nothing - until Mike changed over to a different server.
> > 
> > This is definitely server related and to ensure it does not happen
> > again can I suggest we all log in to the same server in future. I
> > use - simply because the ATOC setup always defaults
> > to the server at the top of the list and this is what the majority
> > of traffic gets stuck on. Going to means we get a
> > quiet server and avoid any need for the servers to behave
> > themselves.
> > 
> > The same goes for voice - I always select fsd.flightproject.de these
> > days for both channels and I suggest everyone does the same.
> > 
> > Item 2 has me baffled but I need to read the docs to find out what
> > causes it. Basically if you come on my frequency FPI locks you to
> > me. This turns your data tag on the radar screen to green and stops
> > other controllers from taking you over. It also allows a bunch of
> > extra menu options including a handover facility and this leads on
> > to item 3. Handovers should be automatic and this didn't always
> > happen.
> > 
> > Item 4 is going to be a permanent headache because it is related to
> > the scenery you use. Some of you were using the UK2000 scenery last
> > night but some were on the default scenery. The airports in UK2000
> > are displaced and it just happens that the displacement is pretty
> > near the same distance as the gap between the two runways. The
> > result was that some of you flew down the runway centreline on the
> > radar screen perfectly but others appeared to be flying down 24L.
> > 
> > The default airfield map on the radar screen is based on the default
> > FS airfield and this is where the second problem hit Brian. Some of
> > you were taxying down the taxiways shown on his screen but others
> > were apparently taxying on the grass. If one aircraft was using the
> > UK2000 scenery and given a taxi route to follow and then a second
> > aircraft was asked to follow the first (but was using the default
> > scenery) the second pilot would have been extremely puzzled in the
> > route of the first!
> > 
> > I don't know the answer to this question but it will cause a lot of
> > problems with any ground ATC ops. If I tell you to park next to
> > JHB007 you may refuse because he is buried in a building on your
> > setup. It would help if we all stuck to the same scenery but I don't
> > want to impose this on anyone. 
> > 
> > Item 5 could be caused by a couple of problems - particularly those
> > of you using networks. It was Kevin who finally gave a clue as to
> > this enigma - yes, he eventually connected and even managed a couple
> > of flights last night. Everything went well until I put him over to
> > Brian on final at Birmingham (don't ask). The handover went
> > according to the book (on the ATC side) but Kevin didn't apparently
> > change frequency. He had - but this is where something went wrong.
> > Here is what I think happened.
> > 
> > 1. Kevin was using a copy of the voice module on Computer A. This
> > was fine as long as he stayed on the one frequency. 2. When asked to
> > change to EGCC_TWR Kevin correctly opened the ATOC ATC box and
> > double clicked on the ATC position. 3. For some reason this action
> > launched a second copy of the voice program (possibly on Computer B)
> > which resulted in Kevin listening out on three frequencies - mine,
> > EGCC_TWR and the chat frequency. Unfortunately he was still only
> > able to transmit on the original frequency although it looked to him
> > like he had correctly changed to Brian.
> > 
> > This may also have happened to a few of you - I'm thinking of Tom
> > here as he was the first to hit this problem last night. I didn't
> > ask Kevin if he ended up with two headset icons on his desktop - and
> > I didn't find out how he cured it - but we need to look at this
> > further. It may explain some problems we have had in the past when
> > pilots could hear but not transmit.
> > 
> > None of these are serious headaches in FPI operations but they are
> > the next step in our learning curve - in this case as we introduce a
> > second ATC position.
> > 
> > HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> > http://fsaviation.net
> > 
> > 

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