[jhb_airlines] Re: FPI last night

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  • Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2004 21:48:36 +0100

Thanks Mike.

Your question on the evening about getting the Panel switching to
activate was outside my experience so I wasn't much help there. The W
function is so handy I can understand why you were anxious to reinstate
it. <g>


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> A belated reaction to last night's session which, after some 
> infuriating 
> initial problems, settled down into a good evening.  No 
> lock-up halfway 
> down the ILS this week.
> I was all set to start at 19.30, got FS running with ATOC session on 
> PC1, FSMeteo and the ATOC remote session on PC2, created flight 
> plan.  Then when I hit the Server button - FS decided to dial home.  
> This happened again before everything came together at the third 
> attempt.  At the same time I was finding that the control 
> surfaces were 
> not responding to joystick input, so I tried a couple of FS 
> restarts to 
> cure this before discovering that FS has, since my previous flight 24 
> hours earlier, decided to default to joystick disabled - 
> goodness only 
> knows why.  This followed on the loss of the Cycle Views function (W 
> key).  I ended up resetting all key & button Assignments to default, 
> then reconfigured back to where I like to have them.  By this 
> time it is 
> 20.15.
> After all that, things were pretty much plain sailing .. 
> sorry, flying (all 
> that rain, y'know).  Established contact with EGCC_APP no problem 
> just short of TNT (BoD, coming in from EGHH) and, apart from a 
> couple of (realistic) late descent instructions from our busy 
> approach 
> controller, the final approach and handoff to TWR went smoothly.
> Things became a bit jerky once on the apron at EGCC - presumably a 
> combination of scenery complexity and server load.  I admit to being 
> one of the UK2000 scenery users, with static aircraft 
> cluttering several 
> of the stands which Brian was trying to allocate.  I hadn't 
> realised that 
> Gary's scenery is significantly displaced from the default 
> until watching 
> Alastair taxi to 24L for takeoff ... through the undergrowth.  Brian 
> instructed the novice Eastern pilot to taxy behind me, and he must 
> have been rather confused by the discrepancy between Alastair and 
> me.
> Onward departure to EGNS was smooth (after Brian got us all to sit 
> still and behave for 5 minutes), as was handoff to EGCC_APP.  Only 
> half way across the Irish Sea did I discover that EGNS was fogbound, 
> and that return to EGGP was compromised by thunderstorms.  Since I 
> was running out of time (SWMBO's expression ruled out a longer 
> diversion), I decided to go for the ILS at EGNS.  Bones has posted 
> elsewhere on minima (and I am expecting a call from the CAA shortly), 
> but I reckon I was at the extreme limit (250') when I picked up the 
> approach lighting and got down safely.
> All in all, a most enjoyable evening.  Thanks to John and Brian.
> Mike

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