[jhb_airlines] Re: FPI and SquawkWin?

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  • Date: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 02:04:33 +0100

Very interesting reading indeed - as is the software.

To me this suggests that ATOC development is coming to a halt and this
is a pity. It is a nicely thought out bit of software with a few really
clever ideas - but I guess the guys who built it don't have the time to
develop it any further. As it is, the few snags with it make slightly
frustrating usage.

The ATOC screen has 10 buttons on it but we only use a few of them. I
suppose we would use a lot more if they all worked as intended. Here's
what I think..

SYS - defaults to this in first starting but it is a fairly boring
screen. We can see our FS Host Session and our callsign but the rest of
the real estate is horribly empty.
ATC - A nice box for the ATC list and I like the colours to denote how
near/far the controllers are. On the downside the list can refresh at
annoying times and this can make controller selection tricky.
VOX - Does anyone use this? I tend to leave the Voice channels on
CHT - For text messages but I have only used this once.
WX - weather reports box but not yet implemented in ATOC.
DEP/ALT/ARR - for airfield charts. Differing scenery installations make
this good idea a bit of a dead duck.
TCAS - Excellent but I suppose we could live with the alternatives.
FPL - Flight plan box. Functional but not the best laid out screen in
ATOC and can be confusing for newcomers.

The Squawkwin software seems to be OK from the screenshots and the ICAO
flight plan box is almost identical in layout to the real world one. I
presume that once you are connected all that is left on the screen is
the small transponder box and chat area - similar the Squawkbox. I like
the Auto option and I'd be interested to see if the Ident facility

As the blurb mentions using Project AI aircraft or AI Aardvark I presume
the FPI aircraft fleets may become redundant. I'll guess that the
current ones will stay available but any future repaints will be with
the PAI/Aardvark fleets. This suggests the Squawkwin system pushes out a
bit more data about the aircraft (maybe the aircraft title string)but it
should mean a lot more versatility than FPI's system.

I note that nothing is mentioned about weather in the Squawkwin blurb..


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> Did you catch this statement from FPI (on the NOTAM's?
> Statement starts:
> Joint Statement of FlightProject International and SunTeam 
> (SquawkWin):
> After some discussions and sharing of thoughts both FPi and 
> SunTeam have decided to work together in developing and 
> enhancing tools for online flying as from this very moment 
> on. SunTeam will continue to develop their online-flight 
> client for use on the FPI-Network with the complete support 
> of the present FPI Software Development team.
> We expect SquawkWin to be ready for use sometime in 
> September, maybe before.
> Regarding the false allegations regarding 'trojan behavior', 
> 'stealing of passwords' and similar, both FPI and SunTeam 
> reassure users that neither such 'features' are implemented 
> in the programs, nor will such features be implemented in 
> future. SquawkWin will use the FPI Server protocols to 
> establish the fluid motion of multiplayer aircraft, therefore 
> eliminating the need for an additional server connection.
> With the integration of SquawkWin and a reinforced software 
> development team FlightProject International clearly believes 
> to lead the technological advances in Online-Flying and to 
> offer many more features than implemented today in the near future.
> Statement Ends.
> Given the disruption within the FPI staff (As evidenced by 
> other notices in the FPI NOTAM's) does this suggest a move 
> away from ATOC to using SquawkWin for the pilot interface?
> If you want a look at the SquawkWin interface, the Help page 
> is on http://www.squawkwin.com/help.html#com
> >From my observations, all the screenshots show text based chat yet 
> >there is
> reference to voice:
> Quote:
> Double-click on the ATC to contact him. Your FS radio stack 
> will be set automatically to the ATC Frequency and the voice 
> program will be set also automatically to the ATC Channel. If 
> your voice program isn't launched, SquawkWin will do it for 
> you. Unquote.
> could the development of this tie-in be the major 
> announcement you were referring to recently?
> Paul.
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