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As weather isn't automatic within FPI the controllers have no idea if pilots
are using real weather or not. We can only assume that some are - and set
our ATIS accordingly. Pilots using real weather can therefore get the
correct values from us but pilots with no weather set can ignore our wind
and pressure readouts.

I see the awful forecast so it may make for some interesting flying. Some
pilots will be battling strong winds and low cloud to fight down the ILS
whilst mixing it with VFR pilots in perfectly clear skies!

Because FPI isn't operational with weather it can lead to tricky moments for
controllers when vectoring. Those pilots who have strong winds dialled in
will drift significantly and require different headings to those using nil
wind. In the real world once you've worked out the drift for your first
inbound it acts as a template for all subsequent arrivals. We can't do this
in FPI and each aircraft must be treated separately - not a good system..


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Just to add to the mix, weather forecast here for tomorrow evening is
abysmal.  Heavy Rain so VFR is a no go unless your ditching real weather.


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Dave has chosen Humberside, Birmingham and Southend for tomorrow's session -
a good choice as they are not that frequently used.

Birmingham to Humberside is only 83nm as the crow flies so is ideal for VFR
traffic. Add to that the fact that EGNJ has no controlled airspace other
than an ATZ and it makes for interesting flying - even IFR traffic has to
keep a good lookout for bandits - the same applies to the new Doncaster (ex


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