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Just loading up the ordnance right now.. <vbg>


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For those going into Humberside, if 21 is active then turning finals once
clearing the East of Hull or over BP Saltend seems to be the popular choice.
Give us a wave as you go over, I'm in the NE of Kingston-Upon-Hull to use
it's proper name or 'ull as it's pronounced locally.  A few hundred yards
South of Brannie Senna (Bransholme Centre), a medium sized retail park and
about a mile NE from Gerry's ANO of Reckitts' chimney; they produce the
cobalt blue die used as a paint pigment there and what you can't see but I
know will be visible from the air, especially on a bright day, is the
approach road has a bright blue sheen to it caused by spills over the years.


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Dave has chosen Humberside, Birmingham and Southend for tomorrow's session -
a good choice as they are not that frequently used.

Birmingham to Humberside is only 83nm as the crow flies so is ideal for VFR
traffic. Add to that the fact that EGNJ has no controlled airspace other
than an ATZ and it makes for interesting flying - even IFR traffic has to
keep a good lookout for bandits - the same applies to the new Doncaster (ex


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