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  • Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 09:09:37 +0100

In the end I decided not to try firing FS9 up. CPU temp had been climbing
all day and was up to 75C - and I know FS9 puts another 15C on top of this.
A pity as I was looking forward to being on the "other end" of FPI for a


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It wasn't too hot here, warm but a nice breeze coming in up the Humber
Estuary made it bareable.  It's died down this evening though.  Consequently
the temperature has gone up, 26.1c at teatime to 27.2 c now (3:20am). Have a
good trip Frank, catch you when you get back.


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A quite nite tonite, 5 flyers(3*diamonds, 2* non Diamonds). Thanks to those
who braved the weather conditions. Me, I am off to France again on Sunday
for a week. Thats all my holidays until Christmas time. Frank

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