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Last FPI landing - Mike Brook
Last FPI go around - Dave Nicholls <vbg>

Compared to some other nights recently the total aircraft count wasn't
extremely high but the concentration of traffic into three nearby airfields
made it feel a lot busier. Having said that it was nice to see so many
aircraft considering the system has already been notified as closed down.

Was it a good night? Yes. Being able to monitor traffic flow into all three
airports a bit more closely than when they are spread more widely across the
UK I was struck by how much FPI has improved everyone's abilities. When we
started on FPI two years ago we were mostly novices and ATC had to be much
more basic. Last night showed some very professional flying with most
inbounds to Glasgow following the STAR perfectly. ATC direction is now a lot
more concise which shows that ATC has faith in pilots accepting complex
clearances and instructions. Both John and Dave had some interesting
sequences to resolve (almost text book confliction stuff) and it is worth
mentioning here that they sorted the traffic out in a very competent manner.
This was very pleasing to watch.

The FPI server is now off the air and I can now post the details I received
from Grant yesterday. I'll do this in a separate post.


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That really was a great evening!  Many thanks to all especially John Hill
who kept Glasgow open until the bitter end.  I claim the very last landing
during an FPI session (unless anyone else proves me wrong)!!!

Let's hope that a Phoenix will arise out of the ashes...

Thanks for the fun folks <g>


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> All
> Many thanks to all the pilots and controllers who turned up tonite. It
> was the best nite ever.
> Thanks, and hopefully we can get back together online.
> A suggestion for the interim.
> I can offer a host server (4mb line), and or a Teamspeak server for
> evenings.
> Or we can use the FSInn server and my TS voice.
> Just a suggestion, unless anyone else has an idea, or shall we take a
> break and see what happens for the future.
> Frank F

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