[jhb_airlines] Re: FPI Session for Tuesday night

  • From: Kevin Townsend <kev@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 09 Aug 2004 11:26:23 +0100

I am still suffering from this problem, I have re-installed 4 or 5 times both:
fpi_setup_atoc_base_Complete.exe and
fpi_setup_atoc_jhb.exe without success. I still see no drop down list of 
aircraft. I have 85 ATOC aircraft in FS9 but the ATOCaircraftList.ini lists 
only 6 and includes the follow me bus, so maybe the instal is not going to 

I have managed to get everything else working together, although in 
previous sessions I have used the IVP Voice Client but this doesn't 
interface with the network FS Radio Panel, so I will connect using the ATOC 
Internal one tommorrow.

I made a short flight from Liverpool to Ronaldsway, and checking within 
ServInfo I saw myself throughout with correct-ish info (The first 20% of 
the flight suggested I was squawking 7025 not 7000 as selected).

I will try to join tomorrow and hope that this will be sufficient until a 
fix is found. I will be in the 737.

Looking forward to it, and hope to speak to you all then



ps Bones, my assignments are taking me East, and I wonder if you could 
evolve the route so far into a "round the world" route?

>Just winding back to Peter's comment about no aircraft in the FlightPlan
>drop down box.
>How many people are now suffering from this? I think Kevin and Peter are
>at least. Was there a third user?
>BTW, if you can't put anything in this box it will still come up on the
>ATOC server as the C172..

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