[jhb_airlines] Re: FPI Session for Tuesday night

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  • Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004 16:52:44 +0100

Actually I should tighten up on the squawk allocations I give as I' have
been a bit slack over these.

For VFR flights the normal squawk when flying in the UK is 7000, in Eire
it is 2000 and almost all other countries use 1200. However, if a VFR
flight enters a control zone then the controller will use one of his
"local" squawks to identify the aircraft. Each airfield has a set of
codes they can use - at Ronaldsway these are 4551-4567 - and you will be
given one of these squawks whilst under a service from us. Any other
controller with coverage of the area will see this squawk and know that
Ronaldsway are controlling the aircraft. 

When you leave our airspace - or when we ask you to change to your en
route frequency - we usually tell aircraft to change squawk to 7000.
This is where it goes slightly wrong in FPI because I have been tending
to keep you on my frequency for the length of your flight and therefore
have not changed your squawk. I think I'll have to drum up a more
appropriate procedure.

In the meantime stick with 7000 for your VFR flights unless otherwise
directed by a controller.

You are right about the patter too. Those not used to real ATC
procedures will probably develop their RT on what they perceive ATC to
do in real life and it will vary. Just listen a bit more carefully
because it is natural for pilots to expect a certain reply to their
transmissions and when it is quite different it can be confusing. The
same happens in the real world too - by the time you realise the
controller has said something totally different to what you expect you
realise that you haven't actually heard a word he has said!


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> Seems straightforward.
> Last night was my first shot at a session in which you 
> weren't involved. I contacted 
> London_Ctr, after startup at Ronaldsway, and after filing a 
> flightplan to Stansted. I was 
> advised to contact when airborne and, I think, when  heading 
> to a VFR. The first thing 
> that struck me was that I wasn't assigned a sqawk frequency. 
> The other that I was a bit 
> thrown by the different voice and slightly different patter. 
> Inevitable, the first time, I 
> guess.
>  I'll definitely try to use FPI for most flying, whether 
> there's a controller present, or not, 
> pour encourager les autres.
>  Off to Satanic Mill building.
> Gerry Winskill
> gwinsk@xxxxxxx
> On 2 Aug 2004 at 3:00, Bones wrote:
> > The next FPI session will be on Tuesday night again from 
> 1930 - 2200 
> > local time (1830-2100Z).
> > 
> > I will open up Manchester Zone for the evening on 119.40. 
> This gives a 
> > good range of possibilities because the zone controller is 
> responsible 
> > for vectoring IFR aircraft into Manchester, Woodford, Liverpool and 
> > Hawarden. He can also provide a service for aircraft flying 
> VFR into 
> > these airports and for Barton and Woodvale. I might 
> possibly be able 
> > to stretch this list to Blackpool as well during periods of light 
> > traffic.
> > 
> > The good thing about Tuesday is that the KLM VA have 
> notified a UK fly 
> > in that evening and we may see some nice mixed traffic 
> around. Some of 
> > these pilots may possibly opt for the London airports but I 
> am hoping 
> > the choice of Manchester may persuade a few to come northbound..
> > 
> > I'd like to see you all join I the session if possible. It will be 
> > slightly different to last week if it gets busy because I won't be 
> > able to zoom around the UK - I may have to keep the screen 
> locked on 
> > to the Manchester area. That means you will probably run out of my 
> > radar cover if you are intending to venture far away and 
> so, if this 
> > happens, I may very well clear you to leave the frequency 
> as you run 
> > out of radar cover. After that, and assuming there are no other UK 
> > controllers online, you can stay tuned to my frequency if 
> you wish but 
> > just carry on with your flight plan without making any 
> further calls.
> > 
> > If you are flying into the Manchester area from elsewhere in the UK 
> > then assume I won't see you if you are more than 40nm from EGCC. 
> > Connect to the server as normal and check for other UK controllers 
> > online. If there are then call these if you think you are 
> going to fly 
> > in their area. If not then just taxi out and set course as normal. 
> > Tune to my frequency and listen out. If I see you pop up on 
> the radar 
> > screen then I WILL CALL YOU. Once you reply I'll radar identify you 
> > and give you a radar service into your destination airfield.
> > 
> > Andy may log on as London Centre but he hasn't confirmed 
> that yet. I 
> > so it should give some variety for the IFR flights as they will get 
> > proper airways control. If I hear anything more I'll let you know..
> > 
> > Any questions?
> > 
> > HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> > http://fsaviation.net
> > 
> > 

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