[jhb_airlines] Re: FPI Session for Tuesday night

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  • Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2004 10:07:15 +0100

Seems straightforward.
Last night was my first shot at a session in which you weren't involved. I 
London_Ctr, after startup at Ronaldsway, and after filing a flightplan to 
Stansted. I was 
advised to contact when airborne and, I think, when  heading to a VFR. The 
first thing 
that struck me was that I wasn't assigned a sqawk frequency. The other that I 
was a bit 
thrown by the different voice and slightly different patter. Inevitable, the 
first time, I 
 I'll definitely try to use FPI for most flying, whether there's a controller 
present, or not, 
pour encourager les autres.
 Off to Satanic Mill building.

Gerry Winskill

On 2 Aug 2004 at 3:00, Bones wrote:

> The next FPI session will be on Tuesday night again from 1930 - 2200
> local time (1830-2100Z).
> I will open up Manchester Zone for the evening on 119.40. This gives a
> good range of possibilities because the zone controller is responsible
> for vectoring IFR aircraft into Manchester, Woodford, Liverpool and
> Hawarden. He can also provide a service for aircraft flying VFR into
> these airports and for Barton and Woodvale. I might possibly be able
> to stretch this list to Blackpool as well during periods of light
> traffic.
> The good thing about Tuesday is that the KLM VA have notified a UK fly
> in that evening and we may see some nice mixed traffic around. Some of
> these pilots may possibly opt for the London airports but I am hoping
> the choice of Manchester may persuade a few to come northbound..
> I'd like to see you all join I the session if possible. It will be
> slightly different to last week if it gets busy because I won't be
> able to zoom around the UK - I may have to keep the screen locked on
> to the Manchester area. That means you will probably run out of my
> radar cover if you are intending to venture far away and so, if this
> happens, I may very well clear you to leave the frequency as you run
> out of radar cover. After that, and assuming there are no other UK
> controllers online, you can stay tuned to my frequency if you wish but
> just carry on with your flight plan without making any further calls.
> If you are flying into the Manchester area from elsewhere in the UK
> then assume I won't see you if you are more than 40nm from EGCC.
> Connect to the server as normal and check for other UK controllers
> online. If there are then call these if you think you are going to fly
> in their area. If not then just taxi out and set course as normal.
> Tune to my frequency and listen out. If I see you pop up on the radar
> screen then I WILL CALL YOU. Once you reply I'll radar identify you
> and give you a radar service into your destination airfield.
> Andy may log on as London Centre but he hasn't confirmed that yet. I
> so it should give some variety for the IFR flights as they will get
> proper airways control. If I hear anything more I'll let you know..
> Any questions?
> HC@xxxxxxxxxx
> http://fsaviation.net

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