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  • Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 01:47:30 +0100

I'm annoyed because I didn't take any screenshots tonight. It got so
busy so quickly - one minute I was discussing connection problems with
Kevin and yourself and the next thing the heavens opened. In more ways
than one too!

It really was mucky weather for those that tapped into the weather
servers. Manchester went down to 4000m with towering cu-nims around and
the departing KLM174 flew into a really bad thunderstorm just after take

The IFR/VFR mix is the best thing about most zones and only London is
unique in not having this. I'd like to see more sessions like tonight.

As to the callsign question I think I have answered most of this in
Peter's reply but there are one or two additions you raise. Your radio
callsign for JHB is Diamond 193 and this should be put in the ATOC boxes
as JHB193. Its no different to BAW4581 being Speedbird 4581 in real
life. You can elect to use the aircraft callsign for any GA flight if
you prefer this - I don't insist on you using your JHB callsign.
However, if you do use a registration you must insert this in both the
ATOC screen and in the Voice Connection box so the controller sees you
correctly. I called you G-CART tonight because that is what showed up on
my screen - and I was too busy to ask you to change it (you could not
have either without logging out).

As to flight numbers this is the one variation from real world flying. I
prefer it if everyone uses their personal callsign as it becomes
instinctive after a while and other pilots will begin to recognise you
when on frequency. You could use the JHB route assignment numbers but
you would have to remember these (they change for every flight) and
there is a faint chance that two pilots might end up using the same
flight number. The odds are extremely slim on this happening but sod's
law dictates it will crop up. Your pilot ID's have been carefully chosen
to stop RT confusion with similar callsigns but the route ID's might
start this happening again (we could get JHB8359, 8539 and 3895 calling
up) so I'd prefer these were not used.


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> Bones -
> That was a cracking session this evening!  Thank you for 
> fitting my GA flights in whilst you were handling all those 
> professional big iron foreign guys <G>.  Being able to handle 
> Approach, Tower & Ground all at the same time was really 
> impressive - bet it was never that bad in real life.  London 
> Centre became unavailable at about the same time that I 
> arrived at Woodvale, the wx was atrocious at that point so I 
> sat on the ground for about 40 mins waiting for it to clear 
> (see http://www.mike.brook.btinternet.co.uk/FPI/Capture220.jpg ).
> Eventually the weather eased and I was able to get airborne - 
> you picked me up about 14 nm NE of Liverpool, about two 
> minutes before I had planned to contact you to request entry 
> into your zone for eventual landing at Woodford!  Over-flying 
> EGCC at 2000ft (see 
> http://www.mike.brook.btinternet.co.uk/FPI/Capture221.jpg ) I 
> spotted others in the vicinity under your 
> control - the display was too confused to positively identify 
> each a/c.  A gentle circuit join LH downwind for 25 at 
> Woodford and I was almost home & dry!
> Many thanks Bones, it was easy for us, you had all the stress 
> (must have been like old times).  I'll be reporting my 
> flights towards my JHB hours!
> Question regarding call-signs:  when on a JHB assignment and 
> under ATC control, what should be used as the call-sign (and 
> what should be used when NOT on an assignment)?  There is a 
> choice between the Route assignment (e.g. JHB3779), the 
> pilot's ID (e.g. JHB193), the airline identifier + the 
> pilot's ID (e.g. Diamond 193) or the aircraft reg (e.g. 
> G-CART).  During my first flight this evening I used 'Diamond 
> 193' but I noticed that when you picked me up on my second 
> flight you referred to me as 'Romeo Tango'...
> Yours as ever,
> Confused of Solihull
> (aka MikeB
> JHB193)

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