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  • Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 14:25:29 EDT

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I am not sure what sort of machine you have now (I know it is  an Intel P4)
or even what size case it is in. I have a full tower case, as  I too had some 
overheat problem in early days, when I  then had the  fashionable microcase, 
went up to a midi case and now the full tower.Has  tons of room inside for 
the airflow, altho I have added a fan at the base  to push air in, and 
another at the top to pull it out, totally  unnecessary, but it gives a 
positive airflow.

If you have one of  the smaller ones, and everything inside looks jammed in, 
then that could  well be the source of your problem.

Of course it depends on where it  will be sited, I have room to put it at the 
side of my desk.

My  machine has been running for hours at a time right through the heatwave  
(the room faces SSW) with no hint of  overheat.


Its a Dell Dimension 8300, has a 3GHz P4, and I bought it nearly 3 years  
ago. It has a normal size tower case (not a mini-tower), and there is loads of  
room inside. It would probably benefit from another fan, but as I'm going to  
replace it I'm not going to bother. It normally gives me a good FPS rate 
running  FS2004 without AI Traffic.
I'm now downloading the FSX demo, which I'll try to run on the same  machine. 
I'll let you know how that goes.
Frank T.

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