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I do have a JHB logo for ServInfo (it's still in my ServInfo/Logos folder)
but a quick check on Gerry flying right now shows that the logo  no longer
appears on the Info box. I'll send a copy to FPI and see if they can get it
running again.


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Whilst perusing the forum, hopeful that the new software may be there! (No 
joy yet) I found this thread.


which basically asks all VA's to supply a logo which will be added to 
members profiles.

I fly the JHB 737 in the Flightplan, but this never shows me as a Diamond 
pilot in the info box.

I guess I'm suggesting that maybe (if you haven't done so already), you 
could let them have a JHB logo so that all us Diamond members can fly the

Apologies if this is already available and I'm not pushing the right 

Seasons greetings to all


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