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  • Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2006 17:13:08 +0100

I have a housing meeting until 8:30 / 9:00ish but may re-fly the leg I flew
yesterday when I get in using the changed FPIEU1 data tag in the comments
box instead of EURO1 as last night.


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Last night, saw the start of the tour, being in Iceland.

Basically, it was more of a damp squib, than a bang.

I logged on as BIRD_CTR, but BIIKF_TWR did not show, as booked.

I was about to give up when JHB199 turned up, then later JHB153.

Problem with John, I did not receive his data for nearly an hour, whereas
Pauls data came through straight away, suspect John's went to a server that
was temorarily down.

I suspect a combination of, the brilliant weather we are currently having,
being summer, jet lag from the World tour, and something to do with some
sports programs, for the turnout.

(I get the impression, that the three of us are more or less keeping FPI
going at the moment, especially on the UK side.)

The Iceland leg is being repeated tonight, I may log in again at CTR if
no-one else is on control again.


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