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Which crimes were these? I'm minded to stir...

I agree with John, the paucity of coverage and use should tell even the dimmest of virtual industrialists that they have problems which require their attention rather more than a pseudo emergency. I've done three flights across France and Southern Holland this week, in prime time, and found no controllers, until I got back to the UK. The number of German fliers, when I've been on line, has been much lower than a few months ago.

Gerry Winskill

Mike Brook wrote:

Kev -

I'm appalled!  Are you STILL suspended or have those that run FPI come
to their senses?  It was bad enough to see that you have been accused in
the FPI Forum of various heinous crimes but this latest story beggars

I feel that a new thread on the Forum is itching to be started...


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Whilst controlling Sydney approach he other morning the pilot
of a 747
dialled 7500 onto his transponder.
He was about 80miles south of Sydney. I vectored him blind to
an AAF Base
26 miles to the North.
I felt this was an exciting and demanding exercise.
FPI did not.
They have banned from the Network the offending Pilot, and I
have been
suspended pending enquiry.
It appears that as in the real world I must make a full and detailed
account (which I have now done).
The pilot (Australian) declared this emergency as he needed
to curtail the
flight as his wife had discovered a mouse in the bedroom.
Well, what other
course of action would you take if the cabin crew began screaming!!!

Just a word of caution to anyone who may consider a simulated

Has anyone ever seen a rule within FPI about this rule? If
so, I would
appreciate a pointer!

Best wishes

Kev T
JHB175 (sus)

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