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I cannot see any reference in the rules to any emergency procedures. If
these exist at all then FPI should at least have notified you of these when
declaring your suspension. In fact they should have included the relevant
paragraph(s) in the email as a reference to the rule that had been

It's sad that they are so hard on enforcement when the system is virtually
empty of pilots and controllers. Saturday afternoon with no controllers and
only seven pilots online should be giving them a strong clue that something
is wrong..


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Whilst controlling Sydney approach he other morning the pilot of a 747
dialled 7500 onto his transponder.
He was about 80miles south of Sydney. I vectored him blind to an AAF Base
26 miles to the North.
I felt this was an exciting and demanding exercise.
FPI did not.
They have banned from the Network the offending Pilot, and I have been
suspended pending enquiry.
It appears that as in the real world I must make a full and detailed
account (which I have now done).
The pilot (Australian) declared this emergency as he needed to curtail the
flight as his wife had discovered a mouse in the bedroom. Well, what other
course of action would you take if the cabin crew began screaming!!!

Just a word of caution to anyone who may consider a simulated emergency!

Has anyone ever seen a rule within FPI about this rule? If so, I would
appreciate a pointer!

Best wishes

Kev T
JHB175 (sus)

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