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To me it shows someone with good theoretical knowledge because the ADN
departure is what would happen in a non radar environment. With radar
however you are identified on departure and so the controller can bypass the
written procedures for something more expeditious - usually a climb on track
to TWEED or something similar.

All EGNS departures file a plan to IOM VOR as that is the approved route -
but in reality it is never done because once identified we can tell aircraft
to route direct to KELLY or even direct to WAL VOR.

Local pilots would know this difference but not anyone who is a newcomer to
the area. Anthony's controlling seems OK to me but not quite that of someone
with insider knowledge. OTOH if he really is 72 then he may have retired
when procedures were rather different. A lot has changed in the last seven


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A funny thing about our Anthony.

When I was asking him about the ADN departure procedure, a couple of
weeks ago, he really didn't seem to have much of a clue and said that if
departing South we should turn North to the ADN VOR and then continue
the filed flight plan.

Prior to that he has intimated that he was an ex ATP pilot (BAA I assume).

I would have thought that an Aberdeen runway 16 SOUTH departure (radar
vectored) would have been bread and butter to a BAA ATP pilot.


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