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if we can use the system for our Wednesday night, jhb night it would be nice to get Dave ,Kevin,john and the other atc lads to join us. that's what the German airwings lads used to do,take their own controllers with them
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I guess that would meet the needs of JHB. In practice it's how we used it when first dipping our toes in the water. If used in this way will Servinfo be able to offer a list of JHB activity, in the way it currently does for FPI?

Gerry Winskill

Alex Barrett wrote:


I have no doubt that SOMETHING will come out of it giving us the option to use it if we want - it simply won't be structured anymore! no staff, no regions, no planned events, just software and a server and its up to the community that use it to organise things.

The opportunity to share skies will be there, its just people will have to organise things themselves rather than just attend.

Somebody has bought the rights to the FPI software and server client and has already got it modified for use on this little community, I can't tell you who it is yet but thankfully it isn't ralph ;)



Alex Barrett
FPI - UK & Ireland President
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> All > > Flying around the skies, without you guys to chat to, will be depressing. > > I am getting withdrawal syptoms already. > > Frank F > > > >

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