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If I remember rightly we did some tests on this way back with either Denis
or Dave Fidler in Canada. I think we found that the Twilight period had been
totally miscalculated - ending at sunset rather than starting at that point.
The result is that it starts to go dark about an hour ahead of real time.

In winter in the UK the light starts going about 3pm in FS. Whilst the sun
is very low on the horizon in December we all know those days when the sky
is clear and it doesn't really start to darken until the sun has gone down -
we get some cracking winter sunsets. In FS you need a torch by the time the
sun is on the horizon. No green flash either.. <g>


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> Anothe glitch that I find even more irritating is its UK
> treatment of sunrise and sunset. Sitting at aldergrove, at
> 1845, it was getting dark. The view from my window was clearly
> nowhere near sunset. Just USA parochialism, I guess.

It is possible that FS doesn't take account of latitude.  The
higher the latitude the more drawn out the sunset.  In
Caernarfon, Western Australia which is on the Tropic of
Capricorn, I was there near the equinox in 1969.  I clearly
remember it was as light as midday at 17:50, going dark at 17:55
and was dark at 18:05 with a dull red glow to the west and pitch
black at 18:10.


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