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In that same situation there would have been one guy at Manchester Centre
and one Approach controller at Ronaldsway. We do have two APP controllers
but the second controller is there for radar talkdowns only. On hitting the
ILS you would have been put over to Tower and he is responsible for Tower
and Ground.

When you look at it the only busy airspace last night was the area between
VANIN and the centreline of 26. Everywhere else was very quiet. It was
purely an APP problem and no one else could really have jumped in to help.
<g> In truth there were only about six aircraft on frequency but it would
only have been rated as light to medium traffic. If it had been twelve
aircraft it would have started to be interesting but I'm not sure we can do
that in FPI unless RT gets better. Truth is that slow RT slows down the
traffic and in FPI we still can't cram the aircraft in as much as we do in
real life..

We must do it again - we need more practise at busy sessions..


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Thanks Bones
In real world, assuming the same situation as last night, how many
controllers would there have been, compared to what we had. Obvoiusly the
more controllers the less the workload. Controlling Ground, Tower and
Approach with one operator in a busy airport,
would be demanding, hence more controllers needed, currently for FPI it is a

Frank F

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