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Critical transmissions for ATC are radar headings - especially the one to
put you on the ILS. If these are delayed by the R/T being blocked the turn
will be too late and, as happened a couple of times last night, pilots will
have already gone through the centreline. This then requires another
transmission to tell the pilot a revised heading to capture the ILS from the
other side. <g>

I can't speak for all controllers on FPI but please believe me when I say I
have got very good situational awareness. If I don't speak to you for a
while when it's busy it is because I have higher priority aircraft to deal
with - I haven't forgotten you. Aircraft coming onto the ILS rate highest,
aircraft behind are next and aircraft still with a bit of a way to go are at
the tail end - along with aircraft on the ground.

As with real life if the R/T starts to get clogged up then cut down the
content of your RT. It's not correct but a simple Roger to an instruction
rather than a full readback is greatly appreciated. In fact you can probably
say nothing at all for a good while and I'll still whistle you all around
quite happily.

When it's quiet then we can be quite chatty. The trick is to notice when it
starts to become busy and adjust your R/T to suit - that is good situational
awareness from the pilot's perspective. It pays in the long run - the more
time I get to issue instructions the more quickly you get sorted out. I
could put you all in a 4nm stream on the ILS if I could but I dare not do
that in FPI right now. This requires very slick radio indeed and one missed
transmission would blow the sequence apart - I can't trust this level of
accuracy  in FPI right now. It will improve though as we get better.


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I agree about the frustration of not being able to get into contact.
With just one controller, if taking off or taxiing, I'd be tempted to
say nuffin until landing a/c had been dealt with. Last night also
underlined the need for pilots to cut transmitted info to an absolute
minimum, and do it quickly. That would ease the frustration, ease the
load on the controller and give us a better chance of getting down
successfully. To be fair, last night's sesion had a higher traffic
density, at Ronaldsway, than I've previously experienced on FPI.

Gerry Winskill


franklyn fisher wrote:

> I find it frustrating trying it get a word in, when you need to get in
> an urgent call , especially when you need to get down from your flight
> level before you run out of space to get to finals or overshooting
> your turn point.
> Break Break would be too presumptious from a pilot, except in an
> emergency.
> Again this could be due to the server lag giving the controller wrong
> info.
> Frank F

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