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  • From: Gerry Winskill <gwinsk@xxxxxxx>
  • To: jhb_airlines@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 08:37:45 +0100

Another oddity, often seen, was FS9's disregard of time zones, in our neck of the woods. NI is generally OK, with the same Zulu to Local difference as we have in real life. Start from dublin and it increases the gap by another hour.
At Leeds it was giving me a flight time of only five minutes, based on Zulu.
In the Southern Hemisphere it's worse. It doesn't change local time, as time zone boundaries are crossed, but changes Zulu instead!

Anothe glitch that I find even more irritating is its UK treatment of sunrise and sunset. Sitting at aldergrove, at 1845, it was getting dark. The view from my window was clearly nowhere near sunset. Just USA parochialism, I guess.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

I thought it quite a  good night last night with just a few niggles to take
the edge off for some people. Not sure if this was just Ronaldsway or
problems existed elsewhere! <g>

Steve had a lockup just as his wheels got about an inch from the runway on
touchdown - probably the most frustrating point of any flight to have FS
bomb on you. Mike got a similar hang up just as he vacated the runway. I
know Alex had severe lag on his PC about 45min into the session which put
aircraft well behind their real positions - and could possibly account for
the slight voice problems he was having.

Despite all this I felt it was a good evening with Dave's idea of a set of
in line airfields really cramming the aircraft along one route. The light
winds at Ronaldsway also helped as it meant both 08 and 26 could be used to
expedite the traffic.

The sudden flurry of arrivals at EGNS was very good - and it would have been
nice to get everyone down first time around but that was not to be. Normally
we get aircraft from Manchester quite early because it is only 8nm from
VANIN to 26 approach - not much room to play with. I got everyone a bit
later than I had hoped and so it was hard work for a short while, especially
with two fast aircraft catching up two slow ones. It would have worked well
too - if only I had remembered to drop JHB068 from FL50 to 3000ft for the
ILS. Apologies to Gerry therefore as he had no chance to capture the ILS
and, rightly, called a missed approach. I was annoyed about that.

It's odd but this is a purely FPI situation that would not happen in real
life. Inbounds to VANIN are normally dropped to FL50 and handed over to EGNS
about ten miles to run. Manchester know this as it's part of the rules -
aircraft having just 8nm to get from FL50 to 3000ft to pick up the ILS. I
got the aircraft later than expected and was trying my best not to give
anyone a hold - but it rather unravelled on me.. <g>

Again only a few non JHB aircraft were present - we seem to have lost our
friends at EuroFly and German Airwings who really made the sessions a lot
more interesting.


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