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I agree with you Alastair.

FPI hasn't been fully recognised yet but it may possibly be their own =
The FPI software has had a long gestation period - it was in use for a =
time before we came across it. When we joined the software was up to a =
standard but earlier users had had a lot of frustrating months getting =
it to
work well. I suspect many of the earlier users had given up and =
FPI long before we started using it.

Give it time and I am sure newer users will gradually come into the =


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Mike, that could be very true, however, they don't seem to have that=20
kind of problem in Vatsim and IVAO, and despite FPI having vastly=20
superior software (in my opinion).

I must admit, that as of late, I have been very disappointed with FPI,=20
after it promised so much. For some reason FPI doesn't seem to be=20
getting the support that it deserves.

Honestly, I don't know where the answer lies. Perhaps it is lack of=20
leadership, from the top!.

The way things are going the UK is turning out to be an ATC dessert.

I only hope that the present situation can improve.


Mike Lucas wrote:
> Colin
> Certainly I have been using FPI less of late through pressure of other
> demands, but I suspect that generally in the UK there's the=20
> "chicken-and-egg" problem of pilots will only log on if there's ATC, =
> ATC will only join if there are pilots ...
> Mike L
> Wilding, Colin wrote:
>>Dear all,
>>Is it me, or has everyone stopped using FPI lately?
>>I know that I rarely get home from work before 8pm and because of the=20
>>kids (bless 'em) it's 10pm before I get a chance to go on line, but=20
>>the only people I ever see on Servinfo  are our German, Dutch and=20
>>Austrian colleagues.  Am I missing something?

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