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An interesting observation.=20

When ATC came to FS2002 it brought angst to some users in terms of extra
workload. The take off and landing phases of flight are busy enough and =
always seemed to happen that just at the critical moment ATC would =
matters by chipping in with new course or height clearances. But, =
we got used to it and it made us feel good in that we could understand =
the same pressure happened in real life too.

Move on to interactive ATC through VATSIM, FPI etc and it was one stage
further. In fact it was better in being more realistic - you didn't have =
read a popup on screen or press a key for the appropriate response. =
you pressed a TX key and talked to someone real - and you were not =
by say eight menu responses. You could ask a question, query an =
or make some humorous remark knowing that a suitable reply would be

Take that away and it leaves a big void. A world without other aircraft =
ATC is very lonely indeed.=20

I must admit that I miss the ATC work too and I look forward to the =
to get stuck in again..


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It's hard to knock something that relies on voluntary support but I =
we've been=20
spoiled by Bones controlling. Despite those differences, I often look in
but, these days,=20
seldom find a UK controller, at the times I'm wishing to fly. In the =
of other fliers,=20
it's actually less lonely to rely on FS9's IFR and ATC; despite their =
being real.

Gerry Winskill

On 23 Oct 2004 at 11:13, Alastair McIntyre wrote:

> Mike, that could be very true, however, they don't seem to have that=20
> kind of problem in Vatsim and IVAO, and despite FPI having vastly=20
> superior software (in my opinion).
> I must admit, that as of late, I have been very disappointed with FPI, =

> after it promised so much. For some reason FPI doesn't seem to be=20
> getting the support that it deserves.
> Honestly, I don't know where the answer lies. Perhaps it is lack of=20
> leadership, from the top!.
> The way things are going the UK is turning out to be an ATC dessert.
> I only hope that the present situation can improve.
> Alastair
> Mike Lucas wrote:
> > Colin
> >=20
> > Certainly I have been using FPI less of late through pressure of=20
> > other demands, but I suspect that generally in the UK there's the=20
> > "chicken-and-egg" problem of pilots will only log on if there's ATC, =

> > and ATC will only join if there are pilots ...
> >=20
> > Mike L
> >=20
> > Wilding, Colin wrote:
> >=20
> >>Dear all,
> >>
> >>Is it me, or has everyone stopped using FPI lately?
> >>
> >>I know that I rarely get home from work before 8pm and because of=20
> >>the kids (bless 'em) it's 10pm before I get a chance to go on line,=20
> >>but the only people I ever see on Servinfo  are our German, Dutch=20
> >>and Austrian colleagues.  Am I missing something?
> >>
> >>Colin

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