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To be honest I like the Manchester Zone as it's a tricky one to work well.
There isn't much room to the east because of the hills and none to the west
because of Liverpool.

I've booked EGCC_CTR for the evening and I see Anthony is EGPX_CTR. John
Hill is the lucky chap on EGCC_APP (well volunteered John) so I hope we will
see others jump in at Newcastle and Aberdeen.

The nice thing about this arrangement is that if other ATC chaps join in and
see the positions filled it allows someone to plug in at London Centre and
play with the Heathrow/Gatwick traffic that FPI always seems to generate.


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I could tell you enjoyed sending that one!


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Just to swing back to more current matters - the FPI Wednesday session this

Airfields are Aberdeen, Manchester and Newcastle - a nice little run for

The little tricky bit is going to be the Manchester arrivals and departures
because if 24 is the active runway we will have inbounds overflying the
outbounds - I don't think we've had this before.

Outbounds from EGCC will be following the POL SID and the only thing you may
find (depends on the inbounds) is that you'll be stuck at 5000ft until you
get near POL. That's because the inbounds from the north will be sent to
ROSUN at FL70 - and will have to overfly the outbounds as John vectors them
round for 24. If 06 is in use there will be no such problem.

Two things..  I'll be aiming to get everyone down to FL70 by ROSUN as it is
tight from there to a 24 final. Feed in your FMS or FSNav that 70 is the
level to cross ROSUN so you don't get caught with a late descent. Second is
that speed control is going to be essential for this route because there is
not a lot of room for vectoring. I'll be expecting everyone to be back to
230kts before they hit ROSUN - any faster and you just won't make the turns
tight enough to get vectoring to 24. I'm not joking either. If aircraft
approach ROSUN at a speed well in excess of 230kts I'll take you out of the
sequence or put you in a hold until you can get the speed off..

If it seems I am getting tougher then let's just say I'm preparing you for
VATSIM. We've been very easy going in FPI over the months and actually
vector you in very wide patterns well outside the airspace we theoretically
own. On Wednesday it will be a bit more real with me asking you to fly more
like the real aircraft would. In fact, keep your speed under control and
your descent well planned and it won't be any different to other nights -
all I am pushing on you is a bit better flight management.

One final point - ROSUN may not be very obvious on your FSNav map. It shares
the same position as DALEY so in the FPI display the two garble - the same
may happen in the FS GPS or FSNav. It is actually 240/10 from POL.

nasty bones


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