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  • Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 19:14:40 +0100

Great. Are you up to accepting a visual approach instead of an ILS like 90%
of real aircraft do?

Can you cope with an engine failure? <vbg>


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Will pick up some of the legs I didn't do last night, starting with Belfast
City  - Ronaldsway.  See you soon, just setting up.


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SWMBO has just informed me she will be out for the next three nights. I may
as well put this to good use and log in at EGNS each evening whilst the
system is still working.

This is your chance to try everything you would like to have done online.
I'll offer VOR holds, NDB holds, VOR or NDB approaches and radar talkdowns -
or anything else you have wanted to try. In each case (R/T load
withstanding) I'll try and give you full instruction on how each procedure

Ronaldsway has plates for ILS, NDB and VOR approaches so if you still have
any from last night dig them out and I can talk you through them. If that
sounds too much like hard work then join in for a VFR flight or two and
let's get the traffic mix really stoked up.

If there is something else you have in mind to try then plug in and ask.

I'll be online tonight from 1900 (about a minute ago).


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