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  • Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2005 04:43:22 +0100

Some odd happenings tonight - probably through a variety of reasons.

I logged into ATOC OK and filed a plan from EGAC to EGGP flying the Aztec
but using the FPI Baron. I have a JHB Baron on the drop down but I can't use
this until it goes into general circulation.

Firing up at EGAC showed no aircraft nearby but my ATC list was also blank -
even though EGLF_APP was active. John Hill plugged in at EGLL later and that
never showed up either - my ATC list remained blank for the whole session.

Passing over the IoM I saw Mike appear on TCAS and got a visual sighting of
him on the ground. Approaching EGGP I got Gerry and Kevin show up on TCAS
too and then Ernie. The only oddities at this point were no ATC and, even
stranger, I had no NAV2 (complete failure) or GS signal for 08 at EGGP.
Having intercepted at 5nm and 1500ft I saw the APPR button kick out and I
was down at 900ft crossing the west bank of the Mersey (which is about 4nm
from touchdown. I had to switch the AP off and carry on manually here.

On short final I got visuals with the three aircraft on the apron but frame
rates suddenly plummeted - I guess a combination of ActiveSky, FPI and the
rather dense EGGP scenery by Paul Derbyshire. Taxying in I confirm that I
saw Kev's lovely BA 747 (with gear), Gerry's Alitalia twin (A320?) and Ernie
in the Baron. Mike taxying in behind was showing as the C172.

Obviously we all had varying scenery here as Mike was about 5ft below
taxiway level, Gerry about 2ft above the apron and Kev with his jumbo main
wheels on the apron but the nosewheel a good 5ft in the air! <vbg>

Unfortunately I got as far as parking up outside the GPO post and as I put
the parking brake on FS froze on me. By the time I'd rebooted only the 747
was still present - but this time without gear. I logged back in with the
JHB F100 but Kev only saw me as a C172. Changing to a FPI146 and then an FPI
Dash8 worked (Kev saw both). Kevin then slewed around my parked position but
his aircraft never moved at all on my screen. This was one oddity too far
and so we both logged out. I was just in time to see Kev change to a King
Air - also without gear.

Lots of weird things there and I'm not sure about reason or cure.
Floating/sunken aircraft could well be scenery variation but also altimeter
settings (I was using real weather with a QNH of around 1015). Gearless
aircraft could be for the same reason but I wonder if it's something daft
like whether you choose a fixed gear aircraft or not - or whether you have
to set animations in the FS MP menu.

The failure of the JHB F100 to show is probably due to it not being an
official release yet. It's in my aircraft folder and also listed in the
ATOCAircraftList.INI file but, as I said a few emails ago, not seeing other
aircraft is more likely to be a problem at the recipients end.

I have absolutely NO idea why I never saw and ATC positions in the ATC box.
I suspect this one may have been an FPI problem..

Thanks to everyone who joined in - even though I got an earful when I logged


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Saw you arrive and taxi in, though with wheels below ground level. Soon
dropped from my view. Mike's B747 still there, with 156 beneath. Can't
see 175, though it shows in map view.

Gerry Winskill

Bones wrote:

>Looking at FPI right now they are down to just two servers - our
>favourite ending 184 seems to be out.
> seems to be the best bet for today if anyone is thinking
>of joining.
>I might have a quick flight myself to test the Aztec panel.
>Wednesday looks interesting with Biggin Hill (EGKB), Guernsey (EGJB)
>and Plymouth (EGHD) as the nominated airfields.

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