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I've been away, so joining this thread a little late....

Thanks for the Port numbers in this thread I've added them to the "allowed" in Zone Alarm, so maybe I will be able to see others during my next session.

In trying to fix this problem in the past we stumbled upon a few anomalies with regard to seeing others, and the way FPI does things.

It would appear that:

1. If you cannot see the tyres of a neighbouring aircraft - They should hit "Y" (Yaw) momentarily, this will in most cases make the aircraft in question jump back up to ground level!

2. You must open the drop down list of aircraft in the FPI flight plan EVERY time and select the type you are planning to fly - EVEN if this is your regular aircraft and it appears by default in the register. If you don't then you will appear to others as the Follow Me Truck!

Reading this thread with Interest!



At 20:39 8/25/2005, you wrote:
The trouble is that you never know which aircraft are needed and which are

Don't forget that the whole list of ATOC aircraft are not for you to fly -
they are purely AI aircraft only. They are triggered by the aircraft that
other FPI users select in their flight plan drop down box.

Let's say I decide to go for a flight in my trusty Tiger Moth. I start ATOC
and fill in the flight plan - but there isn't a Tiger in the available
listing. So, for a laugh, I select the F16. When I connect to FPI I'll be
flying the Tiger on my screen but everyone else will see the F16 on their

You will never know what other FPI users have chosen as their flight plan
aircraft and so you can't really tell which ATOC aircraft you need to delete
from your list. I suppose you could delete the lot except for the Cessna but
then all you will ever see in FPI is other pilots in that aircraft - a bit
odd when one goes past you at 450kts and at FL350!

If you want to fly an aircraft that is not in the flight plan list there is
nothing stopping you - I've flown the Moth on a few FPI sessions. I know I
have to choose the C172 in the flight plan but I also add a remark to show
the real aircraft I am flying.


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If you think about it, how about deleting all the non relevent ATOC aircraft, it will slim down the aircraft folder and make it load quicker. Keep your Boeings and Cessnas and Beechcrafts etc, but the rest, who uses them for GA or commercial flights. And the Beechcraft list is not that big either. And your stymied if you want to use one that is not in the list!! Frank F

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