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When you fill in your flight plan Ernie do you only get the Cessna in the
flight plan drop down box?

There should normally be a few other basic aircraft in the list - the Baron
gets listed as FlightProject, Raytheon Baron or something similar..


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Hi John,
All these FPI messages flying about,and none of them tell me what I want to
know -- How do I put (eg Baron) into the ATOC aircraft list.I would like to
also include the other Beechcraft models as well.Any ideas anybody ? Ernie

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> That is logical.. Now see if the following makes sense..
> When your data stream goes to FPI it includes your flight plan
> aircraft type. It therefore goes without saying that if you connect to
> ATC OK and they see you on radar then the rest of your data is going
> out OK - your aircraft type just being a small packet of info from the
> flight plan.
> Not seeing other aircraft visually is therefore a problem at the
> receiving end. The data coming in isn't being translated to a visual
> target in FS2004. Frank's email shows one possible reason - firewall
> not open for the 15400 port - but that, and all other firewall
> problems, will result in no aircraft
> on your tube at all. The same might happen with setup problems.
> I think I have found a reason why pilots may get a random showing of
> other ATOC aircraft. In fact it isn't random but limited to specific
> flight plan aircraft (like the F100). This apparent random showing
> isn't related to ATOC or firewalls but can be the result of using an
> Aircraft Manager like AAM or
> JAB2000. I'll explain..
> Some managers are rather too intelligent and they look for faults in
> each aircraft folder. They read the aircraft.cfg file and check to see
> if the panel, sound, model and .air files are present. If they are not
> - or the data specified in the cfg files is wrong (such as the panel
> being aliased to one you don't have on your computer) - then the
> manager will warn you. It may also disable the aircraft from showing
> in FS because these errors can lead to lockups.
> JAB2000 does this by stripping out the bad [FLTSIM] sections from the
> aircraft.cfg file and it puts these in a file with a .OUT suffix. The
> problem is that you sometimes don't see the warnings and the aircraft
> will be disabled without you knowing. Other aircraft managers may do
> the same.
> I ran a check on all the ATOC aircraft last night and every single one
> failed in JAB2000 - and they all got disabled. For most it was simply
> because the ATOC aircraft don't have a panel folder. Sensible enough
> as AI aircraft don't need panels but an aircraft manager doesn't know
> that. Simple solution here is to find a panel folder with just a
> panel.cfg file in it aliasing the panel to the default 182 or 737.
> Copy this to all the ATOC aircraft and that problem is solved. Except
> there were further errors:
> 1. Some ATOC aircraft are missing a Sound folder too. The cure is as
> for
> the
> missing panels.
> 2. Some ATOC aircraft have sound.cfg files and panel.cfg files aliasing to
> aircraft that I doubt anyone will have on their systems. The DHC6 and the
> F70/100 aircraft had these faults.
> 3. Some ATOC aircraft have the wrong .air file or the wrong info in the
> sim=atoc_a320 line. An example of this is the ATOC B734 where the
> aircraft.cfg file is correct for most aircraft in the file (showing
> sim=atoc_b734) but, inexplicably, has:
> [fltsim.6]
> title=ATOC B733 BER
> sim=atoc_b733
> instead of
> [fltsim.6]
> title=ATOC B734 BER
> sim=atoc_b734
> 4. Some aircraft simply have the wrong info in the aircraft.cfg file.
> Most of the errors are typos and will be trapped by an Aircraft
> Manager. Even if you don't use a manager the errors are such that some
> of the ATOC aircraft will never show in FS at all. You would find out
> pretty rapidly if you tried to load them but as we don't fly AI
> aircraft the errors remain forever hidden.
> The solution is pretty simple. If you use an AM then check all the
> ATOC aircraft and correct the faults it throws up. If you don't have a
> manager then it would be a pain to go through all the aircraft
> manually. Here I'd suggest you just keep an eye out for other aircraft
> in FPI and if you see (or rather you don't see) that a visual aircraft
> is showing up then check with that pilot to see what aircraft be has
> selected for his flight plan. You can then go to your aircraft folder
> and check the data in it.
> The real headache is that if you ever have to reinstall ATOC - or they
> update their packages - then you have to go through this all over
> again.. The next time I have to do it I'll make a more specific note
> of the aircraft and the faults in each..
> bones
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> I should have added that I also get a FS ident for the "missing"
> aircraft in top-down view even though the aircraft is invisible in
> other views (eg. spot, cockpit).  This happened a few weeks ago when I
> was one of several a/c queueing for departure and Alastair (JHB180)
> was invisible to me but I watched him take off in top-down and TCAS.
> I could see all the other a/c.
> Mike L
> Mike Lucas wrote:
>> John
>> Only very occasionally do I fail to see another aircraft during an
>> ATOC session, and when this happens it appears to be only one
>> aircraft - others are there OK.  What puzzles me when this happens is
>> that I still get the TCAS echo for the "missing" a/c.
>> Mike L
>> Bones wrote:
>>> Can I ask which pilots never see other aircraft in ATOC sessions?
>>> bones
>>> HC@xxxxxxxxxx
>>> http://fsaviation.net

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